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Should Patio Doors have blinds? [ Infographic ]

Posted on May 16, 2024

Patio doors serve as a barrier between indoor comfort and the outside world, easily blending indoor spaces with the beauty of the outside world. However, one often overlooked aspect of patio door design is whether or not they should be equipped with blinds. While some argue that blinds take away the appeal of patio doors, others say that they are important for privacy, light control, and even energy efficiency. This debate will look into the pros and cons of having patio doors with blinds in your home.

Should patio doors have


Privacy is paramount in any living space, and patio doors are no exception. Without blinds, these large glass panels leave interiors vulnerable to prying eyes, especially in densely populated areas. Blinds provide a simple solution, they offer homeowners the ability to adjust visibility as needed. Whether fully closed for complete privacy or tilted to allow partial light infiltration, blinds empower individuals to curate their preferred level of seclusion.


Moreover, blinds serve as a barrier against unwanted sunlight, glare, and harmful UV rays. In regions with scorching summers, unfiltered sunlight streaming through patio doors can significantly elevate indoor temperatures, leading to discomfort and increased air conditioning costs. By installing blinds, homeowners can gain control over the natural light they allow in, heat buildup and provide a more comfortable indoor environment for all.

Beyond privacy and light control, blinds contribute to energy efficiency by improving insulation. During colder months, patio doors without blinds allow heat to escape, resulting in energy wastage and higher heating expenses. Well-insulated blinds act as an additional layer of thermal protection, preventing heat loss and reducing the workload on heating systems inside the home. By investing in blinds, homeowners can actually lower their energy consumption and carbon footprint while enjoying a cosy indoor atmosphere year-round.

Aesthetic appeal

Furthermore, blinds can augment the aesthetic appeal of patio doors when selected thoughtfully. With a large variety of styles, colours, and materials available, blinds offer the opportunity to complement the existing decor of homes and indoor spaces. Whether opting for sleek, contemporary blinds or rustic, natural textures, homeowners can personalise their patio doors to align with their unique tastes and preferences.

However, homeowners of patio doors without blinds, argue that they offer unobstructed views and a seamless connection to their gardens. Indeed, without blinds, patio doors serve as a frame for picturesque vistas, inviting occupants to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. In settings where privacy is not a concern, such as secluded countryside retreats, the absence of blinds may enhance the feeling of openness and tranquillity within interior spaces.

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Possible Issues

Moreover, some argue that blinds can be bothersome to operate and maintain, taking away the convenience of having blinds for patio doors. Dust gathering, tangled cords, and mechanical problems are common issues with having traditional blinds, requiring regular upkeep and even some repairs. Additionally, installing blinds may require some changes to existing window treatments or house features, adding to the difficulty and cost of the installation.


With smart homes becoming more popular and technology advancing, different solutions such as motorised blinds can offer a modern twist on the traditional window coverings. With programmable settings and remote-controlled operation, motorised blinds provide convenience and customisation options. Homeowners can easily adjust blind positions, schedule automated routines, and merge them with other smart devices, improving the overall efficiency and comfort of their living spaces.

Ultimately, the decision of whether patio doors should have blinds depends on individual preferences, lifestyle factors, and practicality. While blinds offer obvious benefits in terms of privacy, light control, and energy efficiency, their presence highlight the value of unobstructed views and the drawbacks of possible maintenance and installation. Whether going for blinds or having a blinds-free aesthetic, homeowners should prioritise solutions that align with their needs and improve the functionality and aesthetics of their living spaces.

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