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Which are the Best Blinds to Have in a House?

Posted on December 5, 2022

There are so many diverse types of blinds for sale on the UK market that it can be difficult to know how to choose. Here is expert guidance on which ones to have in your house.

Wondering which blinds are the right fit for each of your rooms? As one of England’s leading purveyors of both blinds for your home and blinds for your business, we are ideally placed to advise you on which blinds work in which rooms. Let’s set aside commercial blinds for the moment and turn our attention to your home life. Which blinds are best for your home? That depends on your lifestyle…

How to Choose the Right Type of Blinds for Your House?

First things are first. The initial decision ought to be about style. Do you want your blinds to match across all the rooms of your home, or do you want each room to share a style, but not a blinds type? Let’s take an example to help explain.

Option 1: one blinds style throughout your house

A roller blind works all through the home. You can use it in your wet rooms or in your living space. A roller blind can be a blackout, making it functional in the bedroom. You might change the style of the blind slightly from room to room. For example, you might change the shade to match the feature wall. Otherwise, you might try changing the material for your wet rooms to something that wipes clean.

Which types of blinds for one style throughout your house?

If you choose one style throughout your home, you need a blind type which will work across all the rooms. Asides from roller blinds, vision blinds are trendy right now for those that want to be cutting-edge. A perfect-fit blind is sleek and minimal and won’t get in your way. A vertical or horizontal blind never goes amiss. You can choose between fabric or sheer between rooms.

Option 2: a different blinds style throughout your house

Alternatively, you might choose an entirely different blinds style for each room. Let’s start with the wet rooms.

Kitchen and Bathroom Blinds

Horizontal and vertical blinds come in wipe-clean materials which won’t get water stained. Similarly, a wooden blind can come with a varnished surface for ease of cleaning. A roller blind can be useful in these rooms too. You can keep it rolled up through the day and only use it at night. A light colour works best.

Livingroom and Bedroom Blinds

A set of pleated blinds adds texture and therefore comfort to any room. Add an opulent thick fabric and you create a rich window dressing that looks and feels sumptuous. Blackout blinds work best in the bedroom, or in any games rooms you have. You might consider them for the home office, too. Venetian and Roman blinds work in both rooms. In either case, these create an air of ancient sophistication and classical elegance.

Other rooms

We suggest a vision blind for the office or, if you are lucky enough, the library. We also recommend a style made expressly for your conservatory for the sake of the window proportions and angles.

Where to buy blinds for your home?

You may require made-to-measure blinds for the trickier areas of the house, but you can rely on our totally tailored Nottingham-based blinds service for that. Shop online or visit our Nottingham-based, family-run showroom, today.