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What Kind of Blinds are in Style in 2022?

Posted on December 5, 2022

2022 has been a year of style revelations. We took a look back at the year’s must-haves to see what trends in blinds we are taking forward into the new year.

Blind styles come and go. While we always need new blinds, your windows go through trends just like every other aspect of home décor. 2022 has been a wild year while we all recover from the shock of being back at work full-time. For blinds, it has been a year of ups, downs, and creativity. Here is a glance back at the hottest blind trends of 2022 and a few thoughts on what we will take with us into the next year.

Blind Styles of 2022

As a family-run expert residential and commercial blinds supplier in Nottingham, we see all types of blinds come and go. Our local blinds showroom stocks a wide variety of colours and styles. Here are the top products in 2022.

The Blackout Blind

Blackout blinds have become more mainstream in the last few years. We originally put this down to the rise in the home office during 2020, but the market was already there before then. Whatever the reason, clients love a blind which blacks out all the light. Ideal for cinema rooms and for those that love a long lie, a blackout Roman blind became the focal point for many of our buyers back in August.

Blackout + Roman Blinds

High summer always brings a rush of those looking to buy blackout blinds in Nottingham. However, the Roman Blackout is a little newer than the original model. A Roman blind folds upwards in layers by way of a cord system. They suit a clean, bright room, and ordinarily come with multiple levels so you can let in varying amounts of light. It is this versatility which made it such a firm favourite with blackout blind shoppers in August. You can have the best of both worlds.

The Vision Blind

If you want similar control of light, you should think about a vision blind. These were leading the market in July because they offer the perfect blend of privacy and light. They give full control to the user, with businesses favouring them for office spaces.

The Perfect Fit

Perfect-fit blinds are as close as you can get to a seamless finish. They have been top of the list of blinds trends for the last two to three years. This is because of how well they fit into your window, using the exact measurements. This innovative style choice suits a minimalist approach. The minimalist home décor style falls in and out of fashion, but since Marie Kondo arrived on the scene, people are taking it far more seriously. If you have a minimalist approach to décor, team it with a perfect-fit blind and you will be ready to tackle 2023.

Exposed Wood

There’s no secret that handcrafted finishes are the way to the modern consumer’s heart. Exposed wooden blinds are an ideal way to create that flawless craftsmanship. If your taste doesn’t extend to a sleek faux vertical, why not team a Venetian blind with a wooden shutter? It’s so Mediterranean that it’s like you brought the summer indoors.

Blind Trends in 2023?

As we move into 2023 we expect an increase in electric blinds and shutters in homes and businesses across Nottingham.