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What is Easier to Clean: Shades or Blinds?

Posted on December 5, 2022

If you are thinking of buying blinds in the UK, how hard they are to clean might influence your decision. This article explains all you need to know to make an informed choice.

Cleaning is a definitive factor when it comes to your blinds. There are diverse ways in which blind types influence how difficult your blinds are to clean. Other influencing factors include the size of the area you are cleaning and the materials used in creating your new blinds. If you come from a commercial building, for example, cleaning the blinds will be a regular activity which could become overwhelming for your cleaning team. So how can you make it easier for them? By installing new shades or by installing new blinds?

Blinds Vs Shades (What’s the Difference?)

Most people might go their whole lives without ever realising that blinds and shades are different things. Manufacturers make shades out of a soft fabric. It shades out the light. It fits close to the window. A shade comes from a single piece of fabric. A shade is like a blind without any structure. Blinds, on the other hand, are like structures that might facilitate shade. A blind includes both the fabric and the structure which allows you to hang the window dressing. Blinds come with structure; shades are there to shade out the sun.

Blinds are usually made from a combination of fabrics and metals, woods, plastics, or other stiff materials.

Are Shades Easy to Clean?

It depends on which type of shade you have. Some shades have clip-in and out fabric, and some do not. If you cannot remove the fabric from the shade, it can be tricky to clean. Fortunately, you can buy home furniture cleaning solutions to help you clean your shade.

How do you clean a shade?

Use hot water and a clean cloth, along with some of your cleaning solution. If you do not have upholstery cleaner, a little standard soap will do. Do not use bleach. Dab the fabric with the cloth until it is clean. You may be able to remove the blind from the bracket, if so, doing this will make it easier to clean. Ensure your shade is completely dry before you put it away. For example, in the case of a roller shade.

Are Blinds Easy to Clean?

Blinds are often easier to clean than shades because they make these from stiffer materials. If you have non-fabric blinds such as wooden, faux wood, tough plastic vertical blinds or conservatory blinds, you can wash them clean while they are still on the window.

If you have roller blinds, Venetian, Roman, Vision, or Blackout blinds, you will have to wash them in a comparable way to how you clean a shade. You can remove the fabric parts and soak them in water if you wish to.

How do you clean your blinds?

Fully extend the blinds until they lower all the way, and you can see each strut or pull fully closed. Next, take some hot soapy water and a clean cloth and use it to clean each panel of the blinds. You can see this guide in Good Housekeeping if you need detailed instructions on soap.

Which is Easier to Clean? Blinds or Shades?

Blinds are a little easier to clean as you get more of the dirt off. If you can’t get those stains out, upgrade your blinds with Crystal Blinds, one of England’s leading blinds firms.