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Which Blinds are Easiest to Install?

Posted on December 5, 2022

If you are looking for blinds you can install yourself, you will be glad to learn which ones are easiest. Here is the lowdown according to Nottingham’s leading name in blinds.

At Crystal Blinds we have blinds to match all budgets. We cater to commercial buildings and to those who want fully functional, high-quality blinds at home. No matter where you are installing them, however, there are some types of blinds that you really shouldn’t DIY. This guide should help you spot which blinds are easiest to install by yourself, and which you should probably reconsider.

Which Blinds are the Easiest to Install?

The easiest blinds you can install at home are perfect fit blinds. These are made for tilt-and-turn windows, meaning the blind clicks into place in the rubber seal of the window itself. These blinds are the easiest type of blind to install. You can install cellular shades in a similar way to perfect-fit blinds, but they are not true blinds.

Which are the Easiest to Install Drill and Screw in Blinds?

Asides from these two types of blinds, conservatory and pleated blinds are reasonably easy to fit. If you are comfortable using a drill and screwdriver, we would recommend that the next easiest-to-install set of home blinds are those which you have made to measure. Contact Crystal Blinds today to discuss our made-to-measure blinds collection in Nottingham.

Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds & Venetian Blinds

Part of the reason why Roman and Venetian blinds have stood the test of time lies in their ease of use and installation. Roman and Venetian blinds can both hang from curtain hooks if you don’t want to drill into the wall. A roller blind comes with the same privacy and light control benefits, but it really must be drilled into the wall. The bracket clicks inside the window frame and the blind then clicks into the bracket. This is the same way most blinds which are suitable for home installations work.

Can you Fit Blinds Without Drilling?

Neither perfect fit nor cellular shades screw into the wall or come with brackets. This means they are no-drill. You can fit them yourself, at home, in minutes. Push them up against the frame of your window until they click into place. To remove them, simply prise them free using a card. Some say it is harder to remove a perfect-fit blind than it is to install one.

Which Blinds Are Hardest to Install Yourself?

We would never recommend you install any commercial blinds yourself. Commercial buildings tend to be larger and therefore far more work. Vertical blinds can be tricky to install, especially if they come on an electric rail. Wooden blinds can also be tricky purely because of the material. If you drill in the wrong place, you can do real damage to the wood.

Where can you buy Stylish Blinds for your Home in the UK?

Our Nottingham-based blinds,  company, can supply the blinds you need at affordable prices. Don’t want to install your blinds alone? Contact us today to request a callback and discuss your blinds needs.